Customer Bill of Rights


I. Make you feel well informed about what you are buying.

II. Set good expectations for the home building process
and construction standards.

III. Build to the standards of the National Association of
Home Builders.

IV. Provide polite and courteous service.

V. Provide care, accuracy and attention to detail.

VI. Answer your emails and calls promptly.
*Emergency Calls/Texts: Within 2 hours
*Texts/Phone calls: End of Business Day
*Emails: By next business day
*Facebook messages: By next business day

VII. Keep you informed of any issues that arise and
provide reasonable solutions.

VIII. Listen to you if your expectations are not met.

IX. If you are not satisfied, the Better Business Bureau
is available for third party verification of your issue.
As a proud member we are bound to any BBB
arbitrated solution.

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Customer Testimonials

Capitol Homes was able to give us the look we wanted without exceeding our budget. Our friends who have built custom homes told us to expect to go over budget by 10 to 20 percent … I say that they should have chosen David Luecke and Capitol Homes. Capitol completed our new home under budget and gave us more than we expected.Todd Kornblit